At long last… I now have a Fujifilm X100T!

A few months before it was announced, I promised to myself that I won’t give up my X100S since, for sure the upgrades will just be incremental. And I was right! Even some die-hard Fuji fans aren’t recommending X100S users to upgrade to the X100T. Here are the similarities:

  • Fujinon 23mm f/2.0 fixed lens
  • 16.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor
  • EXR Processor II
  • Start-up time of 0.5 second
  • Shutter lag of 0.1 second
  • 10cm close focus

But why did I upgrade? Basically, it’s the refinement of its predecessor. After using the Sony A6000, I found that Wi-Fi is a necessity for me. I initially thought that it’s not that important until I start using it. I post photos on Instagram and VSCO Grid, and I want to post them in an instant instead of a longer workflow of transferring the image to my Mac when I reach home, then send it to my phone through iMessage or email so I could edit it on VSCO Cam. Apart from Wi-Fi, here are some of the minor improvements that made the X100T better:

  • Advanced hybrid viewfinder with electronic rangefinder
  • 92% optical viewfinder coverage
  • Real-time optical viewfinder parallax correction
  • ±3EV exposure compensation
  • 1/32000 maximum electronic shutter speed
  • 1040K-dot 3-inch LCD
  • Focus peaking with colors other than white
  • Cross-hatched grip dials
  • A more precise focus-mode selector
  • A more improved button layout
  • An addition of the Classic Chrome film simulation
  • Added aperture stops

I admit that I don’t shoot a lot and my photos aren’t as pleasing as the others’. But this is where I’m happy. I probably have the Gear Acquisition Syndrome and sponsored-professional photographers might be shaking their heads as they always say “Buy Books, Not Gears”. Yeah they can say that since they don’t spend money for gears, again they’re sponsored. 

My iPhone 6 may be enough for sharing photos on Instagram and Facebook. But most of the time, I shoot in low light, indoors and the iPhone camera isn’t capable yet to produce good-quality photos due to noise/digital grain/artifacts. Plus the feel of holding a real camera is really different. But I will still use the iPhone.

I had gone black this time after buying silver X100S and X-E2. The silver is sexier, more elegant and more photogenic; the black may probably look dull but it looks more serious than hipsterish. I need that change. I feel like I did not upgrade if I see the same colors, it’s just me. I will proudly show off the “T” branding, heck I paid for this camera with my own money! Haha! And yeah I no longer have my X100S and XE-2 cameras.

Look at some of the first photos I took this morning using my new buddy: these untouched/unmodified Velvia-simulated jpegs were transferred using the Fujifilm Camera Remote app via the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi to the iPhone 6, then uploaded to WordPress for iOS.


Fujifilm X-E2

Last year, I blogged about my plans not to sell the Fujifilm X100S anymore and just be contented with it despite my eagerness to fund and buy a Fujifilm X-T1. I brought it when I went to a month-long business trip in Cebu but guess what, I forgot to bring the battery charger! I only got to use it for quite some time when I had decided to order a Fujifilm X-E2. I really have a low E.Q.


After two weeks of calling the camera store to follow-up on my order, the camera kit arrived last January 22 and I was very happy purchasing my first interchangeable lens camera from Fujifilm! The good reviews made me settle for this instead of spending another Php40,000 for the X-T1. Besides, they both have the same sensor and I won’t use it for professional purposes anyway so it’s very impractical to spend that much.


But after three weeks, I had decided to post it for selling. I’m that fickle-minded. Don’t get me wrong, the Fuji X-E2 is a great camera; it’s light and cersatile but I realized that I just have to settle for a compact camera. I’m a commuter and I really don’t bring it with me daily. I use my iPhone 5S more than my Fuji. Maybe after selling it, I would go for the Fujifilm X30 or the Panasonic LX100 since the former has a very small sensor. I’m still unsure.

I like to have the Fujinon XF 23mm which has the same focal length as the X100S but has a faster aperture of f/1.4! But since I don’t have the funds, I may have to settle to the Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.4 lens. Recently, I’ve been trying to shoot 35mm on my kit lens so I’ll get to have a feel of what it’s like to shoot with that focal length.


I think I need some psychiatric help.

Quick Post: About 2014

2014 had been generally a good year for me. I was able to learn new things about photography like tricks in iPhoneography. Thanks to passionate mobile photographers who are so generous to share their knowledge, unlike others who will push you to pay just for you to subscribe to their private videos. You know who they are, but in all fairness to them, they also spend time and money to produce those. But still, there are hundreds of videos available on YouTube and thousands of articles and blogs about photography.

I also became closer to my friends at work. We breathe the same air. Haha enough for that.

I won a smartphone from my network provider during their event last August, but my disappointment stays as their loyalty offer still remains unacceptable. Right now, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is being used by my mom. And I also won Php8,000.00 at a Bingo game during our Christmas party. Haha! Lucky!

My last purchase was the Sony Xperia Z3 two days before Christmas. I was impressed with the battery life and camera as marketed by Sony that’s why I bought it. But I’m somehow unsatisfied, I’ll blog about it.

And lately, I’ve been thinking about selling my two cameras: the Fujifilm X100S and the Sony A6000 with 16-50mm kit lens and a 55-210mm lens, just because I want to buy a Fujifilm X-T1.

Love life has been elusive, but I’m not complaining. Haha! I’m not even looking for one.

So for 2015, I’m looking forward to a major change. I won’t go into details but I already have a plan for my photography hobby, career and travel.

The Best Camera is the One you have with You

There are plenty of people inquiring about my cameras, all but one are low ballers. Around 9 inquired about the X100S and 4 on the A6000. One who wants the Fuji requested for us to meet in Alabang coz he’s from Batangas. But I live in Bulacan. So until now, they’re still with me.

What I realized over the past few days was I’m discontented with what I have. I’m aiming for something better which is Fujifilm X-T1. But if I won’t be able to sell my cameras, I won’t be able to buy it, not to mention the Fuji lenses are so damn expensive; the cost of one lens would be enough to buy a Canon 700D!

What I learned is I should be thankful for what I have. These are great cameras. The Fujifilm X100S received a lot of praises from professional photographers, both from Fuji loyalists and those using full-frame DSLRs of Canon and Nikon. While the Sony A6000 is a very versatile camera and is even considered as The Best Camera in 2014 by The Camera Store TV.

So tomorrow, I will be pulling out my ads and will keep the cameras that I previously dreamed of having.


“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”
-Oprah Winfrey

But I still want the Fuji X-T1 Graphite Silver Edition!!!!!


I already sold my Fuji X100S last February 13, 2014.

On the eve of the Valentine's day, I have gathered all my courage to finally let go of the one I truly love. After weeks of deliberation between my heart and my brain, I have finally decided to give up and let you go. In a short span of being with you, I have learned to be selfless, I have understood your needs, I have adjusted just to have a pleasing result. But I think it's time to move on from our relationship. I really, really enjoyed being with you. Before I slept this early morning, I was still thinking about you. You became a special part of me. I sincerely hope that whoever is with you right now, he'll provide you the things you need that I wasn't able to give, and the same extreme care that I have provided. So long my love. #darkroomapp

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Fujifilm X-T1

The weekend is almost over and I spent almost my whole day thinking if I’ll sell my Fujifilm X100S and Sony A6000 with 16-50mm kit lens and 55-210mm lens. Each camera is good in its own rights but carrying both is a burden, especially that I am just commuting everyday.

I bought my Fuji X100S late 2013 and I was extremely happy with how it works and the images were second to none (never tried Leica). I think Fujifilm is the best camera manufacturer when it comes to colors and image quality. The fixed lens will really make someone think about his composition.

Then just this year, I bought the Sony Alpha 6000. The autofocus is fast and it made it easier for me to transfer the photos to my phone for some cropping and minor editing through its NFC and WiFi connectivity. After a while, I have decided to buy the 55-210mm Sony E-mount lens for some moon shots.

It was just unfortunate that both camera got scratches at the bottom due to the tripod that I used. But both cameras were never dropped. I swear both were taken good care of.

So now, I wonder how much I could sell these, and if there are people willing to buy these awesome cameras.

I know I’m out of budget now but I really want to buy the Fujifilm X-T1. It’s damn expensive! But I hope I could find someone selling his as well. Why will I sell the Sony A6000 if the camera is good and perhaps has better features like video recording and applications like Time-lapse, etc.? Well I think my heart really belongs to Fujifilm. The image quality is just so pleasing.

But why not settle for the X100S? I really like the form-factor of the X-T1! It’s also an interchangeable lens but the lenses are expensive. But based on reviews, Fuji lenses are the best in the world.