Quick Post: iPhoneography with the iPhone 6


I finally got my 128GB iPhone 6 from Globe two weeks ago. It’s actually smaller than what I had expected. I thought that it’ll sport the same size as my Sony Xperia Z3 but it’s obviously smaller. The camera has the same sensor as its predecessor. I can say that there’s no major improvement except for the 240fps for slow motion videos.

And speaking of camera, I will try to take pictures more frequently and upload a photo a day on Instagram. It will not only enhance my photography skills as I know that it will improve eventually, but also it will help me reconnect to the Instagram community. There will be another Worldwide Instameet this coming weekend. There was in invite to spend it in La Union but as usual, I am too busy with work that we are always on-call even during weekends. In fact, I had missed several photowalks and Instameet just because I had to go to work on different Saturdays. I thought I could go but I was only informed that I have a shift the day before those events.

Moving on, the iPhone camera is generally a good camera, especially now with the iOS 8 where we can do Aperture priority. With its fixed f/2.2, we can now control the shutter speed, ISO, exposure and manually focus on the subject. The Lumia 1020 is still better but I no longer bring it with me. Due to the fact that it’s too slow to open the camera and also slow to capture images in succession.

I hope to get more creative juice this time. And thanks to the online tutorials and videos showcasing the tips and tricks in mobile photography. My drive to take photos is getting more serious. I should stop thinking about the expensive cameras and lenses for a moment. I should let myself maximize and overcome the limits of the iPhone camera.


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