It Ended Wonderfully

I blogged about my frustration towards Globe Telecom’s recontracting process yesterday. I’ve thought of not sharing it to the public anymore but I just can’t stand false hopes. I also tweeted about it wishing that Dale was still alive because I know he will definitely give a helping hand. I tagged Glenn Ong, the Globe Community Manager on that tweet hoping that he would do something about it. He advised me to email him the summary of what happened. He assured me that it will be addressed.

At around 4:30PM, I received a call from Kim G., apologizing for the inconvenience. I patiently shared with her how frustrated I was and she told me that they were already working on it. I won’t mention the resolution anymore as it may be confidential but at least I was pacified by what she had shared. After a little more than an hour, she called again and happily shared that the unit is available for pick-up.

Am I asking too much? I don’t think so. Am I demanding? Yes I am demanding because it was a verbal agreement. Perhaps Globe needs to hire Six Sigma Black Belts for continuous improvement. Haha! As I have mentioned before, I believe that Globe really pushes itself to be of service to others. It continuously improves it services that’s why I have decided to stick with them. They just need to iron a lot of things out on their end. And yesterday, I was happy that Glenn and Kim took the responsibility of making my day Wonderful!

I’ll end this with a note that Glenn tweeted yesterday:


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