Fujifilm X-T1

The weekend is almost over and I spent almost my whole day thinking if I’ll sell my Fujifilm X100S and Sony A6000 with 16-50mm kit lens and 55-210mm lens. Each camera is good in its own rights but carrying both is a burden, especially that I am just commuting everyday.

I bought my Fuji X100S late 2013 and I was extremely happy with how it works and the images were second to none (never tried Leica). I think Fujifilm is the best camera manufacturer when it comes to colors and image quality. The fixed lens will really make someone think about his composition.

Then just this year, I bought the Sony Alpha 6000. The autofocus is fast and it made it easier for me to transfer the photos to my phone for some cropping and minor editing through its NFC and WiFi connectivity. After a while, I have decided to buy the 55-210mm Sony E-mount lens for some moon shots.

It was just unfortunate that both camera got scratches at the bottom due to the tripod that I used. But both cameras were never dropped. I swear both were taken good care of.

So now, I wonder how much I could sell these, and if there are people willing to buy these awesome cameras.

I know I’m out of budget now but I really want to buy the Fujifilm X-T1. It’s damn expensive! But I hope I could find someone selling his as well. Why will I sell the Sony A6000 if the camera is good and perhaps has better features like video recording and applications like Time-lapse, etc.? Well I think my heart really belongs to Fujifilm. The image quality is just so pleasing.

But why not settle for the X100S? I really like the form-factor of the X-T1! It’s also an interchangeable lens but the lenses are expensive. But based on reviews, Fuji lenses are the best in the world.


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