A Need to Start Anew

My Instagram feed is just ugly. It’s so cluttered and disorganized; and look at the photos, some are square, some are on landscape and portrait modes.


I was talking to a friend a few weeks back and I shared with her that I want to start again, like what my online buddy Evan Hilton did. He felt the need to start fresh so he created a new one, informed his followers, and now he’s sporting his new Instagram account. Check it out, his shots are awesome!

I may just rename my current one so I could still use the bobbyjonc username on my new account. I’m just not sure if Instagram would allow it like Tumblr does; not sure if they will temporarily suspend the username.

In relation to the post above, I think I also need a fresh start. Recently, I spent time contemplating if I am on the right track. If I am growing. I may be too emotional or just simply stressed with what’s happening but I don’t feel excited anymore. It’s no longer healthy. It contradicts the tag line. My friends and I am trying to convince myself that it will get better. But it is the same line that we have been saying to each other. Some say that it will change, but the change seems far from reality.

Opinions are my own.


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