Quick Post: Shih Tzu

This afternoon, my sister and her boyfriend brought one of our puppies to its new owner. I already saw it coming but it’s really difficult to see the pup leaving.

Back story: She is the youngest of three puppies of Camcam. Camcam had a hard time whelping. According to my friend, who’s a breeder of shih tzus, bitches (mother dogs) normally deliver their puppies with 15 minutes interval. But in Camcam’s case, she let out the first puppy at 1:00 AM, then the next one came out after 2 hours, then the last one at 4:00 AM. And when she came out, she wasn’t moving, so my mom and I thought that she’s dead already. But my mom tried to massage her until she started breathing.

She’s the sweetest among the three of them. She likes resting on my lap and wants her tummy to be tickled. I’m a bit sad since she’s no longer with us, and I hoping that her new owner would love her and take good care of her more than we do.

She’s the one on the right side. Taken this afternoon before they take a bath.


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