Quick Post: Cebu Trip

I was asked to go to Cebu for a 2-week business trip for one urgent business need that was just approved and discussed last Thursday. I’m excited and a bit worried at the same time since it’s my first time to fly and travel alone. I have no idea on hotel check-ins even if it has been arranged already. The hotel that I will be staying in for two weeks has a mix of bad and good reviews. I’m hoping for the latter.

Photo taken last Sept 27 2013 at Mactan International Airport

Feb 24th, 1:16 AM – Awake for 14 hours now and my long day hasn’t started yet. A taxi will pick me up at 0300H going to NAIA Terminal 2. My flight is at 0700H and we’re expected to land in Cebu at 0815H. Work will start at 1000H and it will end until God knows when. I’m leaving my hiring to my team members in Manila and I hope that it will be smooth sailing so I could rest early. Special thanks to my team mate who will take over the onshore interview until 0000H of Tuesday.

I’m looking forward to a successful and productive trip! 🙂


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