Nokia is Great, But…

I really like my Nokia Lumia 1020. That camera beast is just amazing to use. However, one of the reasons for not fully switching to Lumia from the iPhone is its software.

Unlike iPhone, when Apple releases its iOS, the whole world can automatically upgrade. But for Nokia, we are all dependent on our network. I think only AT&T can update to Lumia Black.

And the biggest thing that I hate about Nokia is the limited release of its apps. Why in the world will they not give others a chance to use apps like MixRadio, Video Director, Storyteller, etc., considering that these are all developed by Nokia itself? I am from the Philippines and I don’t know why my country isn’t part of their list of priorities.

I don’t know if Nokia reads posts like this, but I hope even some of you, if you know the reason, could enlighten me.



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