What happened after my Nokia Lumia 1020 inquiry?

I suggest you read my previous post before reading this.

Three days ago, I posted a blog asking my readers if I should purchase the Nokia Lumia 1020 now as I have seen a tweet of @evleaks about the rumored new Nokia phones in the works. I got hesitant of buying one since it’s an expensive phone with a “meh” specs even though the camera is superb based on online reviews. I can patiently wait for the upgraded version if Nokia will launch one in a couple of months. However, according to some in Google+, it’s very unlikely for Nokia to release one in the near future. They’re expecting the phone manufacturer to out its successor around the third quarter of 2014.

Aside from Nokia Lumia 1020, my other option is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. The company was simply good in advertising the device with it’s 10x optical zoom plus the 25 Smart modes like Night, Fireworks, Best Face, Food, etc.

Then I finally gave in. I want to own the touted “best camera on a smartphone”. After watching Dan Rubin’s quick review of the smartphone cameras in terms of quality and useability, I have decided to go with Nokia Lumia 1020. I was also impressed at Transitions1020 where the producers put the device to test.

So I’ll be playing around with this device, particularly the camera and post some unedited pictures to really see if Nokia is true with its promise that no one else comes close to the power of the Lumia 1020.


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