I’ve tried multiple apps in the App Store as an iPhoneographer. If you happen to see my Instagram, most of the earlier shots were modified in Magic Hour as it is easy to use and I could download filters that were made by other users. But when I learned about VSCO Cam, I have started deleting most of the photo-editing apps and just left Snapseed for that Drama and HDR Scene effects.

VSCO changed the way I edit pictures. The presets were astonishing. I no longer have to adjust the curves. It’s very easy to use! There were other apps available but VSCO Cam lets you adjust the presets until you achieve the look that you want to have. Sometimes, I’m surprised because you’ll discover that using a different filter other than you have in mind will make the photo look better.

With my addiction to photography, I never had second thoughts of purchasing the in-app presets, all of them. Good thing they have bundled all together at it saved me a lot of money.

VSCO mentioned that they won’t build another Instagram-like site. But I hope they’d change their mind. It’s an Instagram killer! Based on my feed, a lot of people are already using VSCO Cam instead of using those filters in Instagram. It doesn’t limit you. Plus the fact that Facebook bought that site and started putting ads, it just made me cringe.

So to all in VSCO, congratulations! Now that you have VSCO Grid Follow Beta, you are just a few steps away from conquering the photo-sharing world. Probably just modify your iOS app and you’re good to go! It really is the standard of mobile photography.


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