The Weakness of Fuji X100S

I was about to post the second part of my “user-experience” with my Fuji X100S but work really ate up my time, energy and motivation. It was about how great Fuji colors are and how good it performs in low-light condition, but last night, it was put to test again and I was a bit disappointed with the result. I promise to post it before the year ends.

Anyway, my team went out last night to celebrate the birthday of our director. It was so much fun drinking and dancing with the team. They started taking pictures with their smartphones so I brought my camera out and started capturing unguarded moments. It really had a hard time autofocusing in dark environments. Most of the photos I took were out of focus. I also had to use flash since all settings were on Auto mode except for the ISO which was set to 3200/4000. Good thing it’s unnoticeable because the flash looked like it was just part of the strobing and blinking lights in Prive Superclub. I didn’t bother to use manual focus since I had my glass of Bacardi on my left hand. My mistake, I guess is I didn’t play around the ISO setting, I could have set it to 6400.

I think Fuji is aware of the camera’s weakness and I hope they’ll address it not only by releasing a newer version of the camera but also by updating the firmware. They should. Man, this camera is expensive! But it was not really designed exclusively for low light environment, so yeah. Whatever.


2 thoughts on “The Weakness of Fuji X100S

  1. That is quite surprising. The X100s has a hybrid AF system (both CDAF & PDAF) and will choose which system to us, dependent on the situation. Did you try it out with the AF illuminator? Bumping up ISO will only give you faster shutter speed, which is beneficial to get cleaner photos. What aperture were you using? You may want to join some of the Fuji forums online to get some tips & tricks. Good luck

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