Photo Manipulation

iPhone 5’s camera received praises from photographers when they tested and reviewed it. Though it cannot replace their trusted DSLRs, it still renders good shots especially in daylight situations. And by using camera apps, you can make your photos extra ordinary, but setting the curves, manipulating exposure and saturation, adding contrast, tint and fade.

Personally, I use Snapseed and VSCOCam apps. Both are free and gives you the freedom to enhance your photos depending on what you want to achieve. Though VSCOCam has an in-app purchase to add more presets, I advise you take advantage of the limited time preset collection of 38 presets since you can save up to over 50% of the consolidated amount.

See the first photo? I took it earlier around lunch time. I set the HDR mode on and it gives a more realistic effect than the normal photo. Then I used the HDR Scape in Snapseed to give it more depth and brightness, as you can see on the second photo. Lastly, I used the K3 Preset of VSCOCam to make the colors stand out. On that note, I highly recommend both photography apps.



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