If you read my first blog entry on my WordPress blog, you may have noticed that I didn’t clearly stated why I am choosing WordPress as my main blog platform. Well, to tell you frankly, WordPress.com doesn’t really provide me the freedom to customize the design of my site. If you’ll go for the free hosting, the only option is for you to choose from the free templates that are available, but you cannot modify the width, line spacing, font, etc. You can’t even install your custom code, not unless you opt to upgrade and pay a fee. That’s why I’m still not letting go of my Blogspot site. I am still undecided.

Now, I have just joined Good Times With Mo Podcast’s Squarespace contest, where DJ Mo Twister will choose from one of the trial accounts that were created through his referral site squarespace.com/mo and the chosen one will bag a year of Business plan subscription. Man, that’s so generous because it costs $288! So I’m trying my luck! If he chooses me, maybe I could suggest a 3-year Standard plan subscription since I don’t do e-Commerce. Anyway it’s the same amount… $96/year multiplied by 3 years.

Squarespace is an online platform where you could buy monthly subscription for as low as $10/month or the discounted $96/year. It offers a sophisticated yet easy-to-use platform where you could use for blogging, portfolio, or business. It offers a variety of beautifully-designed templates where you could use and change anytime you want. It’s perfect for a fickle-minded like me! Lol! Anyway, it also provides a big list of font faces that you could use plus the freedom to modify the template design.

I hope Mo will choose mine. #GTWMSquareSpace 😉


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