Important Facets of Photography

Important facets of photography: creativity, mindfulness and concentration

If I were to choose one advantage of film over digital cameras it would be constraint. “What is he talking about?” you may ask.

Back in the good old days, a film had 36 exposures max, and many of us went on photo trips with just a few rolls of film. This limitation meant that we went through a long process of concentration and creativity, deciding on our purpose, before pressing the shutter button.

This is no longer the case. I clearly remember my transmogrification into the digital age. Along with my fascination for the new technology came a nearly maniacal urge to take photos. My chain of thought went from: I am no longer bound by the limitations of the film and turned into: wow, this digital camera is really amazing, which led to YES I can and before I knew it, a machine gun mentality set in.


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