Fujifilm X100S – Part 1

I am blogging about my recently purchased Fuji X100S. This ain’t a review since I am not a genuine photographer but more of a user-experience coming from a “still learning” hobbyist.

It was last year when I learned about Fuji X100 when I read a blog of Robbie Becroft. I instantly fell in love with the retro-look of the camera plus the good shots that it produced. Since I was unemployed, I told to myself that once I land a job, it will be one of the first things that I’ll buy. Then I checked the price online and found out that it’s as nearly as expensive as my Macbook Pro! At that time, I was just using my Canon S95, which I purchased in one of the local online stores. Then I realized that I don’t need a new camera because the S95 is awesome, I mean it take good pictures and the autofocus is fast, I won’t miss unguarded moments. But I was really struggling. I really want to buy an X100! I even added it on my gdgt.com account under I Want category.

A year later, while I was browsing Google+, I found a hashtag #fujix100s and I suddenly remembered how I adored the X100. I immediately searched for tech reviews about the X100S and they clearly stated various major improvements against its predecessor. It has almost identical in terms of design but Fuji was able to address the weaknesses of the original version. I was doubly impressed! So without considering thinking about it a million times, I searched Sulit.ph and found someone selling the camera for about $1,080.00. I checked my bank account and computed my little savings that if I purchase the camera, I would still have enough money to survive before the next payday. I contacted the seller and found out that their store is in the mall. That’s a good thing because this item is legit and it would cover me a year of warranty in parts and services.

I woke up early the following day and went to the mall. I had difficulty searching for their store until I saw another camera store and inquired if they have available units. I told them that the other store is offering me $12.00 cheaper. After a few minutes of negotiating, I found myself signing the receipt. Happy kid!


To be continued…


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