Camera Dilemma

[This post has been updated at 8:24 PM GMT+8]

I’ve been so stressed looking for a Sony a6000 camera with 16-55mm kit lens for the past weeks. And now I’m back to watching Canon 70D and 700D reviews and comparison videos. Well, I think I should stop.

It’s clearly Sony Philippines doesn’t have stocks other than in Sony Centre Filinvest, which is too far from where I live and where I work. I tried asking if they could just transfer the unit to Sony Centre Glorietta but Hazel (a Sony representative from Filinvest) told me that I have to deposit the payment to their bank account before they deliver it. Too much hassle coz I have to go to a bank, line up and wait for 3 days for clearance, then wait for 2 days before they deliver. Not to mention that their price is higher than the other distributors. Sony Philippines can’t make an arrangement. I’m a sure buyer but I don’t know their policy. I think I should just let it pass.

Or I could just stick to my first choice, which is the Canon 70D. Also a great camera: better battery, articulating touchscreen, better video. But the weight isn’t ideal for a commuter like me. That makes me think to just purchase a Canon 700D, or even a Canon EOS M2 shipping from Japan which will be available this Friday from an unauthorized Canon Philippines distributor.

Or just simply let it go. Just let this craziness go. I have functional smartphones anyway. The iPhone 5S still takes good photographs. The Lumia 1020 still works perfectly fine and I can use the manual controls easily.

Anyway, I think this blogpost is non-sense. I just want to let it out.

After watching some more Youtube videos, I learned that the Canon 700D is just enough for me. Firstly, I am not a professional photographer and videographer therefore there will never be a return of investment. Secondly, the Dual Pixel technology of the Canon 70D is really great but I guess doing manual focusing would make me a better photographer. I would get to think deeper and be more intimate with the camera. Lastly, instead of shelling out extra money for the 70D, I could just simply spend it to buy better lenses.
I’ll wait until Friday. If Sony Philippines or other local distributors will have the Sony a6000, I’ll buy it. Otherwise, I’ll get the Canon 700D with 18-135mm kit lens. I hope I won’t regret my decision. LOL!

Farewell Dalekins

First I saw the tweet of Mark Lim yesterday before evening. I didn’t know what was that, so I checked his timeline and tried to refresh to see if he’ll tweet more about it. Then as minutes go by, I kept on seeing “What happened to Dale?” tweets from people in social media. I checked Dale’s timeline, but no update. Then I suddenly realized his last post on Instagram about Life being a roller-coaster ride. And then that’s it. Tweets came in praying for him to rest in peace.

Dale became a close friend because of Geeky Nights. Even before they started officially the live show of the first beta episode, I was already tuning in to Ustream because he posted about a podcast with a #GeekyNights hashtag on Twitter; that’s where I found their URL. Since I was unemployed at that time, I subscribed and followed the show every Wednesday night, until they changed the schedule to Tuesday because Victor had to shoot for a teleserye on Wednesdays. As a geek wannabe, I have joined their conversation through chat and Twitter. As a fan, I even made some fan arts which the hosts appreciated.

He invited me to watch the live podcast at their headquarters. I was very excited because I could finally meet the people I’m watching on the internet sharing the same interests. I went there and though it was awkward since all of them are high-profile personalities, he still made sure that I was ok and even shared their future plans on other Geeky Nights stuff. He asked me to contribute some artworks to be used. He even asked me to join his group at TV5 to design for something, but I politely declined because I’m really not skillful and creative. But he kept on insisting. He believed in my capabilities. He believed that I can improve.

When he transferred to Globe Telecom, he was always reaching out whenever I have issues with my postpaid plans and internet signal. He asked me to email him my concern so he could escalate it. After a couple of days, the problem was solved.

We are not close friends as he was to his close friends. We didn’t share personal problems. We didn’t hang out. But he was there if I needed help. He carried multiple phone numbers but when I text or call him, he was there to accommodate me right away. He was there patiently answering my questions about gadgets. He was there having smart conversations and debates about geek stuff. He was always inviting me to watch the live podcast almost every single time. He was one of the people who believed in me. Again, we are not the usual close friends, but he was there for me.

He told me once that the world needs more geeks. I guess the world has enough geeks. But I lost the only geek friend whom I can turn to whenever I need help, clarification or simply talk to about the geek stuff.

Farewell Dalekins. Thank you for the good times!


It is my dream to produce a short film just by using smartphones. I have no background with movie producing and editing but soon I can make one damn film that will be recognized worldwide. You can’t stop me from dreaming. LOL!

Anyway, yesterday while having a break from the preparation for my dad’s birthday party, I got to play with some of my dogs. Then I saw them running around so I grabbed my iPhone and started shooting. I didn’t have too much materials since I had to go back to running errands but it just made me feel good after watching the clips.

So here is the finish product of a few minutes of filming and editing. I only used the iPhone 5S’ Slo-Mo camera, iMovie for iOS app and Youtube Capture app. I hope you’ll enjoy watching as much as I did.

Apple iPhone 5S

I finally gave in! A little over six months after it was released, I bought a 32G Gold version of the Apple iPhone 5S. It was a two-day old second-hand unit. The original owner got it from Globe for her recontracting postpaid plan after she accidentally dropped her Samsung Galaxy S4. According to her, she prefers Android over iOS so she planned to sell the iPhone 5S to buy an Xperia Z1.


Friday, March 28, 2014
On my way to work, I browsed through, a local online marketplace for mobile phones, searching for a Sony Xperia Z2. I was this close of buying one. I even considered getting a regular postpaid plan from Smart since they advertised that they carry the smartphone exclusively. Then I saw some posts on iPhone 5S and stumbled upon a gold one with 32G memory. I checked the price and it’s only Php27,500! It’s a steal, considering that she only got the unit two days ago! So I texted her and reserved the unit. The problem is, she wanted to meet me up in Quezon City but I could only leave the office at around 10:00 PM. So I called her and offered her an additional Php500 just for her to go to McKinley Hill and meet me there. She agreed.


I couldn’t be happier. I initially planned to skip this 5S version and just wait for the iPhone 6 to be released. But I’m an Apple fanboy… Okay, I admit, I am that impulsive. LOL!


Quick Post: Shih Tzu

This afternoon, my sister and her boyfriend brought one of our puppies to its new owner. I already saw it coming but it’s really difficult to see the pup leaving.

Back story: She is the youngest of three puppies of Camcam. Camcam had a hard time whelping. According to my friend, who’s a breeder of shih tzus, bitches (mother dogs) normally deliver their puppies with 15 minutes interval. But in Camcam’s case, she let out the first puppy at 1:00 AM, then the next one came out after 2 hours, then the last one at 4:00 AM. And when she came out, she wasn’t moving, so my mom and I thought that she’s dead already. But my mom tried to massage her until she started breathing.

She’s the sweetest among the three of them. She likes resting on my lap and wants her tummy to be tickled. I’m a bit sad since she’s no longer with us, and I hoping that her new owner would love her and take good care of her more than we do.

She’s the one on the right side. Taken this afternoon before they take a bath.