The Last Bus Ride

I can’t remember the exact date late last year but I can still remember the time when I got off the taxi one night and I saw you at the bus station standing beside the street vendor buying some candies. I went beside you and asked how you are doing. You were surprised and answered you’re good and on the way home. I grabbed a stick of cigarette and smoked. Then you were just holding your phone texting. You weren’t paying attention to what I was saying. You must be busy then. I went inside the bus and reserved a seat for you. After a while, you got into the bus and sat beside me. We didn’t have too much time to talk as I was so sleepy after a long day at work and you were talking to someone over the phone discussing how you guys will meet the next day; and if I heard it right, you will be going to a place to help the Typhoon Yolanda victims. It was past midnight but you’ll meet your friends at five in the morning. I tried to be half awake so I could pay for our ride going to Bulacan. Then I fell asleep. You woke me up when you reached your destination bidding goodbye and saying “Ingat ka pauwi” (take care going home). And that was the last time I saw you alive.

Don, 1979-2014

You had shown us how strong you were. Until your last breath, you still made sure that you will leave your family without difficulty for your life insurance and your funeral. I planned to visit you in the hospital yesterday but God did not prolong your pain anymore. Perhaps it’s also His way for me not to see you in pain. Thank you for being a brother. Goodbye my friend, until we meet again.

A Need to Start Anew

My Instagram feed is just ugly. It’s so cluttered and disorganized; and look at the photos, some are square, some are on landscape and portrait modes.


I was talking to a friend a few weeks back and I shared with her that I want to start again, like what my online buddy Evan Hilton did. He felt the need to start fresh so he created a new one, informed his followers, and now he’s sporting his new Instagram account. Check it out, his shots are awesome!

I may just rename my current one so I could still use the bobbyjonc username on my new account. I’m just not sure if Instagram would allow it like Tumblr does; not sure if they will temporarily suspend the username.

In relation to the post above, I think I also need a fresh start. Recently, I spent time contemplating if I am on the right track. If I am growing. I may be too emotional or just simply stressed with what’s happening but I don’t feel excited anymore. It’s no longer healthy. It contradicts the tag line. My friends and I am trying to convince myself that it will get better. But it is the same line that we have been saying to each other. Some say that it will change, but the change seems far from reality.

Opinions are my own.

Quick Post: Brand Ambassador

People ask “What do you want to be?”
I answer “I don’t know.” But at the back of my mind, I say “I want to be a brand ambassador.”

I don’t think it will ever happen. Brand ambassadors look good, I don’t. They have thousands or even millions of followers in the social media sites, I don’t. They are famous, I am not. Some of them are celebrities. Dome of them are the masters of their respective fields.

The following are just some of the brands that I trust:
Fujifilm for the X-series camera
Sony for the Xperia phones
– Nokia, now Microsoft for the Lumia phones
Globe Telecom, a service provider

So why do I want to be a brand ambassador? Because BAs get freebies! Haha!

Thank you @enjoyGLOBE!

The long wait is over! And I won!

My friends and I went to Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City, Philippines to witness the #GlobeSlipstream last night. I was there not only to witness the high-velocity concert, but also to wait for the announcement of the #GlobeSlipstream Samsung Galaxy S5 giveaway. See previous post.

Too bad I didn’t bring my powerbank to recharge my phone’s battery and missed taking pictures of the other performers. Here are some photos I took from the GlobeSlipstream party.

Again, thank you so much @enjoyGLOBE for the Samsung Galaxy S5! And as promised, I will be giving away some stuff to give back and share my blessings. Watch out for it soon on my Twitter account.

Awesome night! Good times!

opinions are my own


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